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Sukha Massage

Quality, performance and comfort

Exclusive to OrthoCanada, Sukha is a new and carefully curated line of professional massage therapy products that brings performance, reliability, and value to the workplace. The design, quality, and craftsmanship of Sukha products have been tested to meet the daily needs of high-volume clinics, patient comfort and safety, and to perform at a professional level. 

Sukha offers starting and seasoned clinicians 4 quality tables and a full range of accessories at an affordable price. Approved by Canadian safety standards to ensure the well-being of professionals and patients.

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  1. SU-00500-B
    84.1 $84.10
  2. SU-3186
    125 $125.00
  3. SU-3181
    65.95 $65.95
  4. SU-020350
    6.25 $6.25
  5. SU-00020-B
    59.95 $50.96
  6. SU-20120
    7.65 $7.65
  7. SU-040100-B
    35.95 $35.95
  8. SU-20100
    10.95 $10.95
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