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BTL’s Super Inductive System (SIS) uses a high intensity electromagnetic field (EMF) to provide effective, efficient treatment for a range of painful neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.  Its patented technology is designed to generate a wide range of EMF frequencies at selected power levels specific to treatment goals. Therapy is non-invasive and non-contact, yet targets deep structures to provide rapid pain relief or muscle stimulation. SIS is an effective tool in the management of both acute and chronic conditions. Canada MDALL# 98062



EMF is generated by a coil in the applicator at frequencies of up to 150 Hz and intensity of up to 2.5 T. The cooling system in the coil allows longer treatment times even at high intensities and maximum load on device. Its six-joint arm makes positioning easy and precise.


Frequency-specific Pain Management

Each of the three neurophysiological pain control theories is associated with a frequency spectrum. The wide range of frequencies available through SIS ensures its value in the management of all stages of painful conditions. 87% of patients reported significant decrease in pain after 5-10 patients

  • 2-10 Hz - Endogenenous Opioid Theory of Pain
    • Stimulates nerve endings to release analgesic opioids (e.g. chronic back or joint pain)
  • 60-100Hz – Gate Control Theory of Pain
    • Stimulate large diameter nerve fibres to close the ‘gate’ and prevent transfer of pain message to the brain (e.g. acute and sub-acute conditions)
  • 120-140 Hz - Peripheral Pattern Theory of Pain
    • Messaging to brain from peripheral nerves is not interpreted as pain with high frequency stimulation (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis)


Medical effects

  • Joint mobilization
    • SIS generates repetitive muscle contractions around joint capsule that simulate joint mobilization and help restore joint play
  • Muscle stimulation
    • Select frequency to facilitate muscle contraction or muscle strengthening.
  • Fracture healing
    • EMF enhances circulation in affected area and supports formation of vascular and cartilage callus to stimulate cartilage mineralization and bone remodelling
  • Reduce spasticity
    • Use SIS to elicit reciprocal inhibition in spastic muscle(s) and facilitate the antagonist(s) to reduce spasticity from central motor impairment



SIS is an effective tool in the management of:

  • Orthopedic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, tendinopathy and impingement syndrome
  • Neuromuscular signs and symptoms such as muscle atrophy, spasticity, and conditions such as nerve regeneration
  • Improving respiratory muscle function through muscle activation and coordination of breathing pattern



  • Non-invasive, non-contact treatment delivery
  • Applicator easily adjusts for correct positioning
  • Rapid relief of pain



  • Frequency up to 150 Hz
  • Intensity up to 2.5 Tesla
  • Patented applicator technology
  • Pulse quality monitor
  • Intuitive operation with colour touch screen
  • QUICK protocols
  • Body Parts navigation
  • Patient database
  • Preset protocols and therapeutic encyclopedia
  • Adjustable 6 point arm
  • Trolley


Scientific Support

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BTL Super Inductive System Catalog (PDF)

BTL Physiotherapy Manual (PDF)