Orthopedic Supports and Braces

Thumb Braces

Selection of quality thumb braces to provide immobilization of the CMC and MP joints of the thumb, including the Bauerfeind Rhizoloc Thumb Stabilizer and the Rhyno-Lacer Wrist and Thumb Support.

As the saying goes in carpentry "measure twice - cut once!". Please be precise when taking measurements for an orthopedic brace or support; garments worn next to the skin are non-returnable/exchangeable. Help from your therapist to ensure accurate measurements, use, and adjustment, is strongly suggested. Some braces and compression garments may be covered by health insurance programs; please contact your insurer for details. Orthopedic braces and supports may be replaced, after inspection by the manufacturer, for defective materials or workmanship only. Failure due to excessive wear-and-tear, improper fit, or incorrect laundering, is not covered.

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