Therapeutic Modalities

TR Therapy - Targeted Radiofrequency

TR Therapy, also known as Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy and Tecar Therapy, is now available in Canada with the BTL-6000 TR Therapy Pro and Elite Devices. Combination of the therapist’s manual skills and TR Therapy makes this therapeutic concept one of the most modern therapy for on-the-spot results. It can also be used in combination with passive stretching techniques and active muscle contraction.

What is Targeted Radiofrequency (TR) Therapy? Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy distributes high-frequency energy into the tissue selectively and causes hyperthermy right where needed, whether it’s a deep muscle, ligament, joint or superficial structure. TR-Therapy instantly reduces pain and edema, relaxes tense muscles and regenerates damaged tissue. It has been scientifically proven to bring therapeutic effects such as immediate and intense pain relief, muscle relaxation, edema reduction and supporting tissue regeneration and healing. The most common indications include: local muscle spasm, trigger points, myalgia, tendinitis, cervical pain, and posttraumatic edema.

Our qualified physiotherapists, kinesiologists and biomedical engineer can assist you with TR Therapy devices. We are factory trained in BTL Physiotherapy medical devices and can provide clinical training. We can also assist you with shockwave therapy devices, therapeutic lasers, vacuum units, biofeedback devices and ultrasound gels.

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