Diagnostic Tools


Large selection of measurement and assessment instruments used in a physical therapy practice. These instruments such as the 128, 256, 518 cps Tuning Forks, the Babinbski Hammer, Taylor Percussion Hammer, Buck Neurological Hammer, Wartenburg Pinwheel, 2 and 3 Point Discriminators, Gulick Measurement Tape, timers, blood pressure cuffs, Littman Stethoscopes, Lafayette Skinfold Caliper and more are used for various physiotherapy and occupational therapy assessments.

In the diagnostic tools section you can also find a selection of human anatomy charts and models, skeletons and spines, as well as hand evaluation dynamometers and pinch gauges and dexterity tests such as the Minnesota Manual Dexterity test and the Purdue Pegboard.

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  1. OC-3006-2
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  2. OC-3006-3
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  3. OC-3007
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  4. OC-3005
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  5. OC-060071
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  6. OC-061210
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  7. Lafayette Instrument
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  8. OC-3012
    14.45 $14.45
  9. OC-060006
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  10. OC-3065
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  11. OC-3009
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