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Mat Tables

Premium selection of Mat Tables for neurology and physiotherapy. Mat treatment tables require a wide treatment surface with a safe and capable lifting capacity for both patient and therapist. 

The Dual Lift Powermatic Mat Table by Hausmann is equiped with a two direct drive, synchronized lift mechanisms for unsurpassed power. It has a 700 lbs weight capacity. The power height adjustment from a low 19" makes it wheelchair accessible and transferable. 

The V-150 Seers Medical Mat Table is a one section Mat with a 550lbs capacity and anti-bacterial upholstery and frame. For assistance in choosing the most adequate Mat treatment table for your practice, call 1-800-561-0310.

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  1. SEERS Medical
  2. OC-7713
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  3. OC-7712
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  4. OC-7715-57
    839 $839.00
  5. OC-7715-47
    689 $689.00
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