Therapeutic Modalities

Electrode Sponges

Selection of electrode sponges for electrotherapy and vacuum units. Also available are carbon electrodes, electrode gel, electrode tape, electrode wraps, leads and wires. Electrodes are commonly used in physical therapy in conjunction with electrotherapy devices such as IFC, Interferential, TENS, NMES and biofeedback devices. Care and good use of electrodes is important in order to optimize electrical current distribution.

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  1. OC-023064
    10.55 $10.55
  2. ORTHO
    5.95 $5.95
  3. CMP
    8.45 $8.45
  4. OC-023069
    20.95 $20.95
  5. BTL Physiotherapy
    3.45 $3.45
  6. BTL Physiotherapy
    3.25 $3.25
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