Small Exercise Products

Resistance Exercise Tubing

Resistance tubing and exercise tubes are widely used in rehabilitation and fitness. The best exercise tubing come in different levels of resistance, contain low amounts of latex and are supple. Exercise tubing comes in different levels of strength. They can be used for a variety of exercises using handles, door anchors and ankle straps. We carry the largest inventory of resistance tubing and bands in Canada, including Sanctband, Theraband, Rep Band Latex Free Tubing.

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  1. Sanctband

    $46.65 - $84.05

  2. Sanctband

    $16.95 - $21.15

  3. Sanctband


  4. Thera-Band

    $29.95 - $126.00

  5. Sanctband

    $13.75 - $15.25

  6. Thera-Band
    10.95 $10.95
  7. Thera-Band
    20.95 $20.95
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