Therapeutic Modalities

This section covers electrotherapy devices and electrophysical agents used in physiotherapy and rehab for the treatment and pain management of neuromuscular dysfunctions, range of motion, tissue repair, incontinence and lymphatic drainage. They can be effective for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and disorders, chronic pain, back and neck pain, shoulder disorders and more. For information on 'Current Concepts in Electrotherapy' please visit Physiopedia.

Choosing electrotherapy and modality devices for your practice is one of the most important capital equipment investment that rehab clinics make. Selecting the right modality for your specific needs and clinical environment is thus critical for the well being of your patients and the desired outcomes of your therapists. This is why OrthoCanada places the utmost importance in understanding and defining your clinical needs before suggesting any particular modality or technology. Our qualified physiotherapists, kinesiologists, biomedical engineers and technicians will help you consider the best options for ultrasound machines, IFC and interferential, combination therapy units, radial shockwave and focus shockwave therapy, therapeutic lasers, vacuum units, biofeedback devices, TENS & NMES, TR Therapy, electrodes, ultrasound gels, leads and wires, as well as disinfectants and cleaners for your machines. 

We can also assist you with other therapeutic modalities such as lymphatic drainage devices, CPM machines, hot and cold, hydrocollator heating units, paraffin wax bath therapy, Aircast Cryo-Cuff devices and hydrotherapy whirlpools.

In partnership with Shockwave Training Canada we provide clinical training for shockwave therapy. OrthoCanada is the exclusive distributor in Canada for worldleading electrotherapy manfacturers ITO Physiotherapy, BTL Physiotherapy and Multi-Radiance Medical, and is an authorized dealer in Canada for Thought Technology, Empi, Cefar, DJO-Chattanooga and Richmar.