Small Exercise Products

Balance and Proprioception

Balance, stability and proprioception equipment is widely used in physical therapy, rehab and fitness to promote balance and engage muscles.

OrthoCanada carries many balance exercisers such as the BOSU balance trainer, Fitter Balance Boards, including the Wobble Boards and the Rocker Boards. We also provide inflatable seating disks, the Airex Balance Pads and Beam and many sizes and shapes of foam rollers.

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  1. Sanctband


  2. Airex

    $106.00 - $128.00

  3. OC-6170
    73.95 $73.95
  4. Fitterfirst
    1199 $1199.00
  5. Fitterfirst
    129 $129.00
  6. Airex
    235 $235.00
  7. $1,739.00 - $1,969.00

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