Clinic Supplies

Pressure Point Massage Tools

Selection of pressure point massagers and tools that can provide temporary relief from pain, including the Theraband Foot Roller, the Thera-Cane Deep Massager, the AcuBall Deep Tissue Massager, and the Thumper line of professional and home helathcare massagers.

We also offer the following selection of topical pain relief lotions: EpsomGel, Biofreeze Professional, Sombra Therapy Gel, OrthoGel and Lehcare Botanical Gel.

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  1. OC-4556
    159.000000 $159.00
  2. OC-050070
    37.950000 $37.95
  3. OC-6707
    79.950000 $79.95
  4. Acuball

    $22.95 - $34.95

  5. OC-4890
    18.950000 $18.95
  6. Thera-Cane
    55.950000 $55.95
  7. Thera-Band
    19.950000 $19.95
  8. OC-4557
    385.000000 $385.00
  9. OC-4558
    219.000000 $219.00
  10. OC-4559
    149.000000 $149.00
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Healthcare Professional Pricing

As professionals in the medical field, you are entitled to special pricing on our product selection. Simply log in to your account or register to view your special pricing.