Therapy Equipment

Parallel Bars and Stairs

Premium selection of rehab parallel bars and rehab stairs used in physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Our parallel bars include models that are fully motorized systems, adjustable and non-adjustable systems, as well as space-saving parallel bars that fold in the wall. For a top of the line product, consider the Parawalk Parallel Bars with integrated gas piston height adjustment. For assistance please call 1-800-561-0310.

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  1. OC-7487
    969 $969.00
  2. OC-7639
    2279 $2279.00
  3. OC-010226
    1709 $1709.00
  4. OC-7597
    3119 $3119.00
  5. OC-7600
    3749 $3749.00
  6. OC-7580
    1999 $1999.00
  7. OC-7598
    1379 $1379.00
  8. OC-7610
    459 $459.00
  9. OC-7611
    2069 $2069.00
  10. OC-7609
    649 $649.00
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