Clinic Supplies


Please note that due to the events surrounding Covid-19 many manufacturers of hand and surface disinfectant products are experiencing extraordinary demand. As a result there is a shortage for several products in this category, such as Purrell, Cavicide, Certainty Wipes, etc. We are monitoring the situation very closely and updating availability on our website on an ongoing basis.

Build your hygiene product list here by adding your clinic's medical hygiene prooducts to your favorites list. We carry vinyl exam gloves and latex free exam gloves, patient gowns, head rest paper, treatment table paper, towels, sheets, pillow covers.

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  1. OC-020195-12
    41.950000 $41.95
  2. OC-020270-1
    5.250000 $5.25
  3. OC-020224
    16.750000 $16.75
  4. OC-020229
    34.950000 $34.95
  5. OC-4625S
    14.250000 $14.25
  6. OC-020198
    25.950000 $25.95
  7. OC-1200-165
    145.000000 $145.00
  8. OC-020270-12
    55.950000 $55.95
  9. OC-020271-12
    51.950000 $51.95
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Healthcare Professional Pricing

As professionals in the medical field, you are entitled to special pricing on our product selection. Simply log in to your account or register to view your special pricing.