K-Tape (4 rolls or bulk)



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4 rolls - Beige - 2" x 16.4'
81.9500 $81.95
4 rolls - Black - 2" x 16.4'
81.9500 $81.95
4 rolls - Blue - 2" x 16.4'
81.9500 $81.95
4 rolls - Red - 2" x 16.4'
81.9500 $81.95
4 rolls - Mix Colors - 2" x 16.4'
81.9500 $81.95
Bulk Roll - Beige - 2" x 72.2'
81.9500 $81.95
Bulk Roll - Black - 2" x 72.2'
81.9500 $81.95
Bulk Roll - Blue - 2" x 72.2'
81.9500 $81.95
Bulk Roll - Red - 2" x 72.2'
81.9500 $81.95
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K-Tape® - 4 Rolls per Case 
The elastic K-Tape is a high-quality cotton tape with wave-like acrylic coating. It is skin-friendly, water-resistant, permeable to sweat and breathable. Used and recommended by the K-Taping Academy. Contains no latex.

K-Tape® - Bulk Roll 
For those therapists who use the many-faceted K-Taping applications, the original K-Tape is also available in bulk rolls. These continuous XXL rolls are ideal for clinics that support an extraordinarily wide range of therapies. Manufactured in a convenient dispenser box. Used and recommended by the K-Taping Academy instructors.

What makes K-Tape the right choice?

Characteristics of the cotton fabric
The cotton fibers must be woven at right angles to each other. The longitudinal thread must run parallel to the outer edges of the tape. Some tapes show visible distortion of the fibers. Instead of running parallel in a longitudinal direction, they run diagonally. The outermost threads of the fabric become severed at short intervals. These discontinuous outermost threads cannot hold the tension, and fraying of the fabric leads to shortened wearability.

Deficient elastic properties
The elastic fiber woven into the fabric longitudinally must display very specific stretch and endurance limits. Deviation of stretch parameters and premature fatigue present problems in usage. If the tape has significantly lower stretchability, this results in different modes of action, reduction in wearability, and poorer comfort. If the tape has significantly higher stretchability, the K-Taping application is ineffective, or produces a different result.

Variable elastic properties
As with other high quality goods, the manufacture of a tape requires constant quality control during production. Even slight alterations in the manufacturing process, variations in the quality of raw materials, uneven cutting of the individual rolls, and storage conditions of the finished product can lead to inconsistencies in the properties of tape from one manufacturer. It is advisable to buy only the best quality (e.g. K-Tape) and to remain with a good product and not constantly change it.

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The K-Taping Academy

K-Taping® is a hollistic and non-pharmaceutical therapy method successful with an extremely wide range of clinical conditions. Established in Germany for many years, the K-Taping® International Academy has become an important component in the range of modern therapies. K-Taping® is increasingly being used in many countries around the world and now also in Canada. The K-Taping® Academy Canada has elected its headquarters in Ottawa. The K-Taping Academy Canada is now offering courses in physiotherapy & rehab schools, rehabilitation clinics, amateur and professional sport centres, and hospitals.

Learn more about the K-Taping academy here!

Courses available across Canada. Check out www.k-taping.ca to find a course near you!

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