Kinesiology Tape

What is kinesiology tape and how does it work? Kinesiology tape is used in physical therapy as a therapeutic tool to alleviate pain. Developed by Japanese chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase in the 1970's kinesiology taping has evolved considerably as a method and offers many therapeutic benefits such as proprioceptive facilitation, muscle facilitation, reduced muscle fatigue, reduced oedema, pain inhibition, and improvement of lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

One of most recognized kinesiology taping method is the K-Taping Therapy developed by physiotherapist Birgit Kumbrink (bestselling author of K-Taping: An Illustrated Guide - Basic-Techniques-Indications; K-Taping in Paediatrics: Basic-Techniques-Indications; and K-Taping in der Lymphologie (German)). Successfully implementing K-Taping Therapy requires professional training. The K-Taping Academy Canada in partnership with Sports Physiotherapy Canada offers a curriculum of continuing education courses for Canadian therapists and healthcare practitioners. Courses range from General Orthopaedic and Sport Medicine to Women's Health, Pedeatrics and Lymphedema/Oncology. For more information visit the K-Taping Academy Canada site.

What is the best kinesiology tape? It can indeed seem a bit confusing at first since there are so many brands and cheap knock-offs. If you are looking for a premium medical grade quality tape the answer is K-Tape® (not to be confused with KT-Tape). K-Tape is made in Germany, uses the best medical adhesives in the industry, is made of high quality and knot-free cotton, and elasten thread.

The Original K-Tape comes in 4 different colors (Beige, Balck, Blue and Red). The new Skin Colour Matching System 'K-Tape My Skin' comes in 5 different shades of skin colors. For consumers K-Tape developed the 'K-Tape for Me' line, which includes applications and instructions for Ankle sprains, Knee injuries, Back pain, Menstrual pain, Shoulder pain and more. K-Tape Lymph is the product line of kinesiology tape for lymphatic drainage and contusions. OrthoCanada also distributes kinesiology tape scissors, gel, educational books, Kinesio Tape and BSN Medical Leukotape.

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