BTL-4625-Premium - 2 Channel Electrotherapy

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BTL-4625 Premium - 2 Channel Electrotherapy
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The 2 channel BTL-4625 Premium Stim and IFC device offers a full range of low and medium frequency currents. Touch screen operation and preset therapy protocols allow easy and maximally effective therapy for all of your patients.


• a complete range of waveforms, including: Galvanic, Diadynamic, Trabert, Faradic, Neofaradic, Exponencial pulses, Rectangular, Russian, Stimulation, Trapezoid, Triangular, Combined, TENS, NPHV, Sequences, 2-pole Interferential and 4-pole Interferential, Isoplanar, Intereptuded, Leduc, H-wave, Microcurrent, Mid-frequency surges, Spastic stimulations, HVT, IG pulses, Modulated pulsed current, VMS current, Kotz current and EPIR
• Large colour touch screens (Premium is 7”; Smart is 4.3”) provide clear visualization of all important information
• Extensive library of Preset Protocols, classified according to biological effects, with full colour anatomical images and therapy descriptions including applicator position
• Programmable sequences
• Optional light weight battery increases portability
• Suitable for combined therapy
• Connect to the Vacuum unit
• Optional trolley

MDALL # 94142

Additional features of the Premium model
• Start therapy with a single touch
• Select up to 8 QUICK protocols for each therapy
• Body Parts navigation gives fast access to localized protocols
• Large 7” colour touch screen
• Easy management of Patient Database, with easy recall of records and treatments

BTL Physiotherapy Manual (PDF)

BTL Electrotherapy Device (PDF)

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