Universal Wrist Lace Up

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Made with perforated suede, the Universal Wrist Lace Up is an excellent choice for stabilization of wrist sprains or strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and post cast support. The pull-tab lacing closure allows easy application while providing uniform support throughout the entire wrist. Build in stays are designed to provide support for your wrist while in use. A thumb cut-out provides less restriction and more mobility.



- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Wrist sprains and strains
- Post cast removal
- Post operative care 


How to Measure

Measure the circumference of your wrist


Size Chart 


Wrist Circumference 


5.5” – 9.5” 


5.5” – 9.5” 


Washing Instructions

Hand wash in cold water using a mild soap. Rinse thoroughly, dry with a towel then air dry only. If not rinsed thoroughly, soap residue may cause skin irritation and material breakdown.