TA1 TiMotion 8000N 200mm Stroke Base Actuator

SKU: TS-SE-06A-6500-SF

439 $439.00

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Compatible with the following models: 

OrthoCanada ModelsSeers ModelsSerial Number
V-800ST6567-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-330ST3566-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-335ST3566-TMO-EPFSAll Serial Numbers
V-350ST3568-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-355ST3568-TMO-EPFSAll Serial Numbers
V-500ST3569-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-505ST3569-TMO-EPFSAll Serial Numbers
V-215ST2566-TMO-EPFSAll Serial Numbers
V-ST1561-EPFSST2566-TMO-EPFSAll Serial Numbers
V-100ST4562-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers


ST4562-TMO-EPFSAll Serial Numbers
V-110ST4562W-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-150ST5561-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-151ST5561W-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-152ST5561L-TMO-1WFAll Serial Numbers
V-333SX3008-TMO-1WFBelow 81745
V-SX1057SX1057-TMO-1WFBelow 81745
V-SX2007SX2007-TMO-1WFBelow 81745
V-700SX1057-TMO-1WFBelow 81745