SU-540BK -4 Channel Vacuum

SKU: OC-3481


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Please Note: This is not a stand alone unit and must be paired with compatible units to generate currents. Compatible units such as EU-941 and the ES-5400.

The SU-520BK and the SU-540BK are the “Next Generation” 2 and 4 channel vacuum units, that are compatible with the ITO combination and electro stimulation modalities. The ITO vacuum units do not require a water reservoir! They offer a blow-out (ejector) vacuum system which is a tremendous improvement hygienically over the water reservoir system. Also virtually maintenance free, as dust and moisture don’t adhere inside the tubes or on the connections. The vacuum electrodes can be used with reusable sponge disks or disposable paper disks. MDALL 100136 and 100099


ITO - A Name to Trust

What we have found remarkable since we became ITO’s Canadian distributor in 2012, is that ITO devices have no warranty issues!

Made in Japan, ITO physiotherapy products are used in medical facilities around the world. As a pioneer in the field of electrotherapeutic agents, ITO was an early adopter to embrace Evidence Based Medicine. ITO continually incorporates this philosophy in the development of innovative physio equipment. Stimulation currents from ITO products are stable throughout the wavelength, delivering the best therapeutic results because of this consistency. In 2004, ITO constructed a world-class Reliability Control Centre for advanced testing, inspection, verification and measurement.