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PowerGlide Backrest
24" X 30" Adjustable Padded Kickplate
Pelvic Stabilization Handles
Adjustable Dual-density Headrest
Multi-Use Lateral Handles
Range of Motion Control
Backrest Extension Pad
Resistance: 12 to 500 lbs. at full extension
Size: 34” wide x 109” long
Machine Weight: 200 lbs.
Carriage Capacity: 500 lbs.

Plyometrics Features
Increase lower extremity power to enhance sprinting, jumping, and acceleration.
Increase ballistic and foot speed skills to improve vital directional changes.
Increase speed and quickness at the neurological level to optimize performance results.

Rehabilitation Features
Accelerate healing through the controlled stressing of appropriate muscles and joints.
Accelerate balance and stability in less than body weight conditions.
Accelerate confidence in critical eccentric lower extremity motions.

Strength & Conditioning Features
Build efficiency and technique in lower extremity performance workouts.
Build greater anaerobic/aerobic capacity.
Build strength and endurance to more effectively perform sport specific activities.


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