SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles


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SanctBand Active Tubing w/ Handles - Pink (Light)
SanctBand Active Tubing w/ Handles - Amber (Medium)
SanctBand Active Tubing w/ Handles - Purple (Heavy)
SanctBand Active Tubing w/ Handles - Teal (Extra Heavy)
SanctBand Active Tubing w/ Handles - Violet (Super Heavy)
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SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles is dipped 40 to 60 times during the manufacturing process. It is not extruded (like spaghetti), which produces a weaker and cheaper tubing. This unique process ensures the safety of the user. SanctBand tubing is manufactured to stretch 6 times its length. 

Each set includes 2 padded handles for secured and comfortable griping. The 5 levels of different resistance can accommodate a wide variety of rehab and stenghtening exercises. SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles is used in physical therapy to help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, enhance athletic performance and achieve goals for health and fitness. Each color-coded product comes in 59" of tubing excluding the handles.

What is SanctBand?
Over the years SanctBand has gained one of the best reputations worldwide as an eco-friendly producer of low protein and powder free latex resistive bands and tubing. Their products are now widely used by Canadian physiotherapists and in rehab centers. OrthoCanada is happy to introduce SanctBand Active a new product line designed for home healthcare and for clinicians that would like to provide resistive exercise products to their patients.

Resistance Guideline:
- Pink SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles: Light Resistance
- Amber SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles: Medium Resistance
- Purple SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles: Heavy Resistance 
- Teal SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles: Extra Resistance
- Violet SanctBand Active Tubing with Handles: Super Heavy Resistance