SanctBand Resistive Exercise Tubing with Handles


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SanctBand Tubing with Handles - Peach
18.85 $18.85
SanctBand Tubing with Handles - Orange
19.85 $19.85
SanctBand Tubing with Handles - Green
20.95 $20.95
SanctBand Tubing with Handles - Blue
21.95 $21.95
SanctBand Tubing with Handles - Plum
22.95 $22.95
SanctBand Tubing with Handles - Grey
23.95 $23.95
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SanctBand Resistance Tubing is dipped 40 to 60 times during the manufacturing process. It is not extruded (like spaghetti), which produces a weaker and cheaper tubing. This unique process ensures the safety of the user. SanctBand tubing is manufactured to stretch 6 times its length. With this in mind, you can ensure that it's more durable and eco-friendly. 

Why It's More Durable: SanctBand has passed the endurance tests of 10,000 stretches under TUV GS Product Safety Mark Certification. This has proven SanctBand come with safety features with excellent elongation.

Why It's Eco-Friendly: The production of SanctBand incorporates our in-house Green Initiative Programme, ie the key raw materials are from sources close to our production facility; using clean form of energy; and responsible waste water management in the production of every SanctBand’s products.

SanctBand Tubing can be used for the following:
- In physical therapy to help users rehabilitate injuries
- Improve functional living
- Enhance athletic performance
- Achieve goals for health and fitness 

Available in 6 color-coded levels of progressive resistance from peach being extra light to grey being super heavy. Each color-coded product comes in 45" of tubing or 54" including the handles.

For SanctBand Tubing in 100ft Dispensers click here.

Size Chart:

Colour Level Resistance
Peach SanctBand 1 X-Light
Orange SanctBand 2 Light
Lime Green SanctBand 3 Medium
Blueberry SanctBand 4 Heavy
Plum SanctBand 5 X-Heavy
Grey SanctBand 5 XX-Heavy


SanctBand Exercise Tubing with Handles Instruction Manual (PDF)
Pull Force Chart (PDF)

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