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Resistance Exercise Bands

Resistance bands and exercise bands are widely used in rehabilitation and fitness. In our experience the best brand of exercise band for rehab is SanctBand, which has an extremely low amount of latex compared to most other bands and uses green initiatives in their manufacturing processes - see: 3 Ways... Green Initiative. 

Exercise bands come in different levels of strength. These bands are great to use for full body workouts, home workouts, pull up assistance, increase range of motion, and to train specific muscle groups. They can be used for a variety of exercises using handles, door anchors and ankle straps, or they can be purchased in resistance band loops, ranging from Mini Loop Bands to Super Loop Bands for intensive exercising. Resistance loop bands come in different strengths and colors. 

OrthoCanada carries the largest inventory of resistance bands in Canada, including SanctBand, TheraBand and REP Band Latex Free Band.

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  1. Sanctband

    $89.95 - $152.00

  2. Sanctband

    $6.75 - $10.35

  3. Sanctband

    $9.25 - $13.55

  4. Thera-Band

    $29.95 - $126.00

  5. Thera-Band
    10.95 $10.95
  6. Thera-Band
    20.95 $20.95
  7. Sanctband

    $16.95 - $44.95

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