Rehab Stretch Strap

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Rehab Stretch Strap
$20.95 20.95
Rehab Stretch Strap (10 Pack)
$185.00 185
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The Rehab Stretch Strap is used to help stretch tight, sore, and stiff muscles. It has non-elastic strap that has sewn anchors to shorten the strap length to allow for a variety of different exercises. This strap is small and compact and easy to store. Black. 83" (L) x 1" (W).


Stretching Examples

- Hamstring Stretch
- Overhead Lat Stretch
- Hip Flexor Stretch
- Tricep Stretch
- Seated Hamstring Stretch
- Calf Stretch
- Chest and Shoulder Stretch
- Lat Stretch
- Side Bending Stretch