PhysioPro Pulley System

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The PhysioPro Pulley is a wall-mounted unit specifically adapted to meet the needs of physical rehabilitation. More than 85 exercises can be accommodated on the bilateral model and its low starting resistance of one pound makes it ideal for clinical settings. Dual weight stacks of 50 lbs each can accommodate exercise requirements for more intense conditioning. Wall mount brackets included. 10-year structural and 5-year operating system warranty.

Weight increments 1 to 5 lbs: 1 lb, 5 to 20 lbs: 2,5 lb, 20 to 50 lbs: 5lb.


Unilateral System Accessories

- Waist Strap
- Thigh Strap
- Shoulder Strap
- Single Arm Handle
- Stabilizer Bar


Unilateral Dimensions

- Width 22"
- Space from wall 24"
- Height 90


Bilateral System Accessories

- Waist Strap
- Thigh Strap
- Shoulder Strap
- Ankle/Wrist Strap
- Single Arm Handle (2)
- Rowing Handle
- Wrist Conditioner
- Biceps/Triceps Bar
- Overhead Extension
- Lower Extension
- Stabilizer Bar (2)


Bilateral Dimensions

- Width 48"
- Space from wall 24"
- Height 90



Pulley System Training Manual