Physio - 4 Channel TENS & NMES w/Mi Technology

Chattanooga / DJO

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Choose the PHYSIO when having treatment capability for denervated muscles, Ionotophoresis, Hyperidrosis, Urology, and Edema prevention, is desired.

Electrodes and wires are included.

Chatanooga Catalog [PDF]


Channels 4
Constant Current Max 1300 Ohm/Channel
Max Pulse Intensity 120 mA
Pulse Intensity Increments 0.25 mA
Pulse Width 30 - 1000 uS
Pulse Frequency 1 - 150 Hz

Symmetrical Biphasic 100% compensated
Monophasic: Continuous, Cycle Timed, Rectangular Pulsed & Triangular Pulsed

Warranty 3 yrs
MDALL 86766

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