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Note: OrthoCanada is the Exclusive Authorized NuStep Dealer.

The T4r is the most popular recumbent cross trainer in the healthcare and fitness industries, and has also become a leading choice for home exercise. Healthcare professionals around the world have demonstrated that the T4r provides safe and effective exercise for individuals of nearly all fitness and ability levels. By enabling independent control of step length, resistance level, pace, and exercise duration, the T4r provides treatment flexibility for therapists and a greater feeling of control and independence for users.

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NuStep T4r Brochure

Optional Accessories

• Foot Secure System
• Unilateral Leg Stabilizer
• Bilateral Leg Stabilizer
• WellGrip set
• Polar Transmitter Belt
• Transporter w/T4 Bracket
• Floor Mat
• T4r Total Essentials Bundle
• T4r Stability Essentials Bundle

Notable Features

• Self generating power
• StrideLock mechanism to lock arm handles and leg pedals when needed;
• Movement is smooth and natural, easy on the joints;
• Display screen is easy to read and use;
• Sturdy grab ring and comfortable 360° swivel seat with arm supports to help getting on & off the machine easily;
• Added stability with sturdy foot pedals;
• Simple arm adjustments;


Optional adaptive equipment such as the Leg Stabilizers, WellGrip, and Foot Secure System even makes it possible for people with limited mobility to work their upper and lower body simultaneously.

What is a NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainer?

NuStep’s inclusive, low-impact, total-body design and wide range of resistance levels allow for a full-body cardio and strength workout. The seated (recumbent) position reduces the risk of falls. It’s not uncommon for a NuStep to keep running strong for 10 to 15 years, even in the most demanding, high-use environments. This is a comforting piece of information, with all the demands on budgets today.

Built at Ann Arbour, MI, USA, the complete satisfaction of NuStep customers is the NuStep team’s number one goal! NuStep is a highly inclusive exercise machine accessible to a wide range of users, from the physically fit to those with mobility limitations. As a result, NuStep has become the exercise brand of choice for countless hospital physiotherapy centers, cardiac rehabilitation clinics, senior living
communities and health and wellness centers across North America.

NuSteps provide evidence-based aerobic training that may help reduce hospitalizations, improve recovery outcomes, and enhance overall health and quality of life. With a low- inertia start up and multiple resistance levels, a NuStep user can customize the intensity of their workouts and track their progress over time.


NuStep recumbent cross trainers have earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation. Products with the Ease-of-Use Commendation are proven to make life easier for people who have arthritis and other physical limitations.

Bridging the Gap

NuStep recumbent cross trainers can support Medical Fitness Facilities efforts to change its members’ lifelong, lifestyle health behaviors and bridge the gap from rehab to fitness. As a Medical Fitness Association Best Practice Partner, NuStep understands the unique challenges that come with catering to a wide variety of members, from those looking for health and wellness to someone recovering from a major health event.

The NuStep features a one-of-kind full-body workout that can improve health and lead to positive outcomes for members unable to use traditional fitness equipment. Our inclusive design and wide range of adaptive equipment can provide a safe and effective cardiovascular and strength workout, even for those with limited mobility.

NuStep Usage in Senior Residences & Hospitals

We've sold NuStep Recumbent Cross Trainers to hundreds of hospitals and senior homes in Canada. It is still the most sought-after piece of rehab equipment to date.

Payment Options

The NuStep T4r can be paid via Bank Transfer or Credit Card (Visa/MC).

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Since 2009 she has worked with Orthocanada to educate and assist professionals with the purchase of rehab equipment.

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Back height 17" (43cm)
Data readouts Yes
Dimensions 60x27x45" (152x69x112cm)
Highest seat position 15" (38cm)
LCD Display Monochrome
Maintenance None
Maximum arm length 15" (38cm)
Maximum weight capacity 400 lbs. (182kg)
Polar heart rate monitoring w/strap Compatible
Resistance levels 10
Resistance range 5-800 watts
Seat Dimensions 17"W x 14"D (43x36cm)
Seat swivel 360°
Step-through height 9-12" (23-30cm)
Unit weight 210 lbs. (95kg)
User height capcity 4'6"-6'4" (137-193cm)
Warranty 5 yrs. parts, 1yr. labor, 10 yrs. frame

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