Therablend Magnesium Calming Cream

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Special pricing available on this product for healthcare professionals.
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Therablend Magnesium Calming Cream 4 oz
$29.95 29.95
Magnesium Calming Cream 8 oz
$49.95 49.95
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Magnesium Calming Cream is specifically formulated with Pure Dead Sea Salts to assist healthcare professionals in enhancing relaxation and sound sleep when used in conjuction with massage techniques. Its unique composition aids in relaxation when used in conjunction with massage, making it an ideal addition to various therapeutic modalities. The cream not only facilitates better sleep outcomes but also provides an effective glide, serving as an excellent lubricant for manual therapies.

Prioritizing health and environmental sustainability, this cream is certified gluten-free and carefully avoids ingredients such as silicone, dyes, isopropyl alcohol, parabens, and methyl salicylate. Its eco-friendly nature and adherence to high-quality standards make it a suitable choice for healthcare settings, ensuring both practitioner and client well-being.