Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer

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SCIFIT PRO Series Optional Wheelchair Platform with Tie Downs
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The Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer uses a circular motion to activate muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements. It allows users to exercise in a recumbent position and strengthens stabilization muscles by activating firing patterns missed by sagittal plane exercisers.



- Ideal for people of all fitness levels from seniors to athletes
- Circular motion activates muscles used for stability and side-to-side movements
- Bi-directional motion activates different muscle firing patterns depending on the direction – either inward or outward
- Easy access with a step-through design
- Seat removes for simple wheelchair access
- Oversized, orthopedic foot pads with heel cups and foot straps for added safety and comfort
- 191 resistance levels at increments of 0.1 allow users to start where they’re comfortable and progressively build from there.


Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer Model Options

OC-041350-S - Latitude with Standard seat (Adjusts horizontally only, 500lbs weight capacity)
OC-041350-P - Latitude with Premium seat (Adjust horizontally, vertically and swivels, 450lbs weight capacity)
OC-041350-B - Latitude with Bariatric seat (Adjusts horizontally only, 600lbs weight capacity)