FDM System Gait Analysis for Research and Clinical Applications

Determining the ground-reaction force & muscle function:
The distribution of the ground-reaction forces is analyzed using a Zebris
(multifunctional, force-measuring) FDM plate which consists of a large number
of calibrated, capacitive, force sensors that enable the distribution of static and
dynamic forces under the feet to be analyzed during stance and gait. The sensors
are arranged in matrix form in high spatial resolution, integrated in measuring
plates of up to 6m in length, or in certain treadmills.

Foot deformities, foot function and posture can be analyzed. Any number of stance tests and roll-off patterns can be carried out directly, one after the other. The software program consists of a Database, a Viewer and a Report . All the stored, force-measurement data can be shown in slow motion, fully synchronized with the recorded video or EMG signals. Options include synchronizing systems exactly using a video camera & a wireless blue tooth adapter; & a Balance Analysis software.

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