Electrical Hot Packs

Large selection of digital/electrical moist heat packs designed for physical therapy. Moist heat devices such as TherathermThermophore , Thermophore MaxHeat, provide moist heat therapy for temporary relief from pain associated with arthritis, back pain caused by muscle spasm and inflammation caused by strain and tension. Each device comes with a flannel cover that draws moisture from the air. As the pack’s temperature rises, the moisture is released onto the skin. Include digital temperature control.

The Thermotex Infrared Heating Pads with far infrared heat therapy penetrates even deeper than moist heat to increase blood flow in large muscle groups in the body including the upper and lower back, hamstrings, abdomen and arms.

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  1. Theratherm

    $90.95 - $125.00

  2. Thermophore

    $71.95 - $106.00

  3. Thermophore

    $76.95 - $109.00

  4. Thermotex

    $134.00 - $259.00

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