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The CROM combines fluid-damped inclinometers and magnets in an easy-to-use instrument to provide accurate, objective measurements of suboccipital flexion and extension, cervical flexion and extension, lateral flexion and rotation, and forward head motion.

The Deluxe selection extras are the forward head unit, deluxe case and foam, an extra nosepiece, and tape measure.



Suboccipital flexion and extension 

Cervical flexion and extension

Lateral flexion and rotation

Forward head motion


The CROM is easy to use:

Takes only minutes to make objective and repeatable measurements.

Lightweight, comfortable frame adjusts exactly to patient's head and is secured with Velcro™ straps.

Positions easily and securely like sunglasses.

Examiner's hands remain free to guide patient's movements.

The CROM Utilizes inclinometers

Inclinometers are required by the AMA Guide To The Evaluation Of Permanent Impairment Fourth Edition.

Separate Inclinometers are used for sagittal and lateral planes to eliminate relocation during measurements.

Inclinometers are preset to frame eliminating zeroing time and errors.

Fluid-damped Inclinometers permit fast, accurate readings without waiting for oscillations to damp out.

A compass allows rotation measurements to be made in preferred upright positions.

The CROM eliminates the positioning, zeroing and tracking errors associated with stand-alone Inclinometers.

The CROM assures repeatable measurements.

The CROM, positioned to the nose and ears, eliminates the substantial error (10% or more) common in stand alone inclinometer placement.

The CROM, secured to the head, eliminates tracking errors since it will not slip during measurements.

By using nose bridge and seventh cervical vertebra as landmarks, forward head measurements are repeatable.

A magnetic references makes fast, accurate readings possible with reference to the shoulder.



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