Chattanooga Cefar TENS, NMES and Electroacupuncture

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OrthoCanada Pro TENS


This next generation hand held device provides NMES, TENS and Electroacupuncture treatments in one portable unit. Its two channels can be programmed for rehabilitation or for pain relief – independently or in combination, depending on patient needs. 

Clinicians can select the same program for both channels or pair NMES with TENS to provide a rehabilitation program on one channel, synchronized for pain relief through the second channel to achieve better treatment results. Treatment begins in the clinic, with the clinician prescribing and initiating a program the patient can follow at home. A lock function ensures the patient works safely within the parameters of the prescribed program. 

The Cefar TENS has an additional bonus  - when connected to acupuncture needles the clinician can provide electroacupuncture treatment for pain relief during formal treatment sessions.



- Symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain
- Adjunctive treatment for post-surgical and post-trauma acute pain
- Relief of pain associated with arthritis
- Retarding or preventing disuse atrophy
- Maintaining or increasing range of motion
- Re-educating muscles Increasing local blood circulation


What's Included

- 1 Cefar Device
- 1 Charger
- 1 set of (2) two pin cables
- 1 Transportation pouch
- 1 pack of 2"x2" electrodes (4 total)
- 1 Necklace and clip
- 1 Flippable belt clip 
- 1 User manual and practical guide 


Sold separately

- 6" Pin to Alligator Clip Wire adapters for Electroacupuncture use (Red or Black wires available)


Product Details

- Rechargable Lithium Polymer Battery: Charges complete within 90 mins and a battery life of 6-10 hours of treatment 
- 1+1 Function: Comes equipped with 2 channels that function independently and can be used separately. TENS and NMES functions can be used together    (one channel for TENS and the other channel for NMES) 
- Compliance: Patients can now track their treatments by monitoring usage time
- Painscore: This device can record patient's pain score before and after treatment
- Locking Function: The program in use can be locked to prevent any accidental buttons that may be pushed during treatment
- Rotatable Belt Clip: The belt clip can be turned to the bottom or the top, depending on the area of stimulation 
- Program Mode: Patient's can create a maximum of 5 custom programs and select their own parameters 
- Acupuncture Mode: Select the electro acupuncture mode for clinical use only


Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 132 x 60 x 24mm
Weight 156g
Electrical Safety Class Class IIa
Large 16" - 18"
X-Large 18" - 20"
Channels 2
Constant Current  0-99 V in 1V increments for Constant Voltage mode for electrostimualtion (5V for first setp). 0,1 mA – 30mA steps 0,1 mA for electroacupuncture
Maximum Pulse Intensity  99.5 mA in Constant Current mode or 99 V in Constant Voltage mode for neurostimulation
Pulse Width 60-400 μs
Pulse Frequency 1-120 Hz
Applied Part  Type BF
Battery Lithium polymer (Li-Po) rechargeable 
Applied Part Type BF 
Maximum Amplitude Pulse  80 micro coulombs (2 × 40 μC, compensated)
Pulse Intensity Increments Manual adjustment of stimulation intensity from 0 to 99 mA in minimum increments of 0.5 mA
Pulse Width 60-400 μs
Additional Specs Max electrical charge per pulse: 80 micro coulombs (2 × 40 μC, compensated)
Warranty  3 Years (Unit Only)



Cefar Tens, NMES and Electroacupuncture Brochure [PDF]
Cefar Tens, NMES and Electroacupuncture Product Sheet [PDF]