Cefar Rehab X2 TENS & NMES


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This Cefar unit is used for pain relief that may be experienced in areas such as the arms, neck, and shoulders from injuries, chronic pain, or overuse of muscles. This two channel TENS & NMES unit comes with 27 pre-programmed treatments catering to a variety of individuals. The user also has the ability to customize their own program. A timer is displayed on the screen when the device is in use to indicate the duration left in the treatment. A program lock is also included to help avoid any interruptions. 


What's Included

- One Cefar Rehab X2 TENS & NMES device
- One pack of 4 electrodes 
- One set of lead wires (2pcs)
- Two AA batteries
- One black Cefar bag 
- One Cefar neck strap 
- One user manual

*Please note: The hand switch is NOT included*



- Muscle pain relief
- Chronic back pain relief
- Tension headache treatment
- Knee pain relief
- Reduce spasms
- Fix neck pain


Product Specifications

Display Digital
Independant Channels 2
Amplitude mA 99.5 Max
Pulse Rate Hz 1 - 120
Pulse Width uS 400
Modes -
Constant Yes
Burst Programmed -
Burst Programmable -
Width Modulation -
Rate Modulation -
Width + Rate Modulation -
SD Curve -
Pre-Programs 27
Customize / Programs 3
Program Lock Yes
Compliance Monitor -
Timer Yes
Low Battery Indicator -
Battery 2 AA
Warranty 3 yrs
MDALL 86092


Additional Information

Chattanooga Catalog (PDF)