Apex Cervical Orthosis, Premium

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Poor posture, and mechanical strain from whiplash injuries contribute to a sustained forward head posture resulting in headaches, neck and TMJ pain and can lead to cervicobrachial neuralgia. Including the Apex Cervical Orthosis™ Premium in your treatment plan counteracts that detrimental position and helps achieve symptom relief. The contoured shape with wedge extension is designed to correct a diminished cervical lordosis while comfortably supporting the upper thoracic spine. This allows shoulders to drop, which lets chest and neck muscles stretch passively, assisting depth of inspiration and promoting relaxation.

Note: Product must be used under supervision of a health care professional


- Polyethylene foam construction
- Standard firmness
- 10 x 7.4 x 4.6”
- .25 lb weight
- Charcoal color
- Made in USA

Clinical Indications

- Neck pain
- Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain
- Migraines, tension headaches
- Pain in the shoulders or scapula
- Cervicobrachial neuralgia with radiation into the arms or hands


- Patient lies supine on firm surface
- Teach patient to side roll before sitting up following treatment
- Position Apex contour under lordosis of cervical spine with angled surface under the upper thoracic spine
- Initial treatment for maximum of 2 minutes, with increments of 1 minute daily, to maximum of 20 minutes.

Wash and Care

- Spot clean only
- Use damp towel on soiled location
- Mild soap may be used if necessary
- Do not soak product