TracCollar Neck Collar


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TracCollar Neck Collar - Small/Medium
$135.00 135
TracCollar Neck Collar - Medium/Large
$135.00 135

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TracCollar Neck Collar is designed by orthopedic specialists. This portable device relieves pressure, stiffness in the neck and shoulders and aids in stability of the neck. Hand held bulbs inflate foam collar on right or left sides.


Sizes Available

Small/Medium: 14"-16"
Medium/Large: 15"-18"


How to Measure

Measure the circumference of your neck in the middle


How to Use

1) Place the TracCollar on your neck with the opening in the back and the inflation bulbs in the front
2) Place your chin in the groove at the front of the collar
3) Fasten and adjust the traction collar with the buckles and velcro closures (Collar should only rest against the front and back of the neck. The ends of collar may not necessarily touch, however, the bladders will still inflate the device evenly)
4) To use while sitting, your head should be in a level position facing forward. For use lying down, a pillow is recommended
5) Inflate the TracCollar by pumping the bulbs until a light stretch is felt in your neck, adjusting the right and left sides by inflating the appropriate bulb to find the perfect level of neck traction (The bulbs should not be pumped more than 15 times on either side)
6) When finished, press the valves to release the air pressure and remove collar