Torex Cold Packs - Roll-On Sleeves


$16.95 - $25.95

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Torex Roll-On Sleeve, Small, Wrist/Foot
$16.95 16.95
Torex Roll-On Sleeve, Medium, Elbow/Foot/Ankle
$19.95 19.95
Torex Roll-On Sleeve, Large, Leg/Knee
$22.95 22.95
Torex Roll-On Sleeve, X-Large, Thigh
$25.95 25.95

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Torex premium cold therapy sleeves gently roll on, completely surrounding while providing some compression, to your limb. The patented sleeve design is easy to use and stays in place, hands free. The 360-degree coverage treats the entire circumference of the injured area, delivering cold deep into soft tissues where it’s needed.

Torex premium medical grade materials stay ultra soft when chilled, allowing Torex to mold to the body. Together, these features reduce treatment time, provide faster pain relief, keep swelling to a minimum, and greatly increase overall effectiveness.

- Fast pain relief
- Reduced treatment time
- Patented, strapless, roll-on design is easy to use
- Made of premium medical grade materials that stay ultra-soft and mold to the body
- Includes insulating compression bandage to protect skin from extreme temperatures and supply slight compression
- Used cold, torex® addresses two of the four steps in the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method of injury treatment
- Latex-free and non-toxic  

How to Measure

Sizing based off sleeve circumference


Sizing Chart


Product Number

Uses based on patient size:


Inside Diameter



OC-4221 TXRA4060

Hand, wrist, arm, elbow and foot

Fits up to 10"




OC-4222 TXRA5060

Wrist, arm, elbow, foot, calf, ankle and knee

Fits 10"-15"




OC-4223 TXRA6060

Elbow, arm, foot, ankle, calf and knee

Fits 15"-21"




OC-4224 TXRA7080

Knee and thigh

Fits 21"-23"




Application Instructions

- Always apply insulating compression sleeve to desired area first
- Roll torex® into place over insulating sleeve
- Enjoy therapeutic relief


Proper Fit

For best fit measure loosely around the largest part of your limb. Refer to Circumference column on Sizing Chart. Always ensure torex® is sized correctly and does not fit too tightly, which can restrict circulation. Two fingers should easily slide between the pack and the treated area.  


Storage and Handling

For maximum life and performance we recommend that torex® be stored in the freezer after package has been opened. To store and protect torex® out of the freezer always place in a heavy duty zip type freezer bag, squeeze out air and seal closed. Return to freezer as soon as possible. Normal product life is about one year.