TeWa Coated Acupuncture Needles (100/box)

$10.95 - $15.95

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Tewa Coated - 0.16mm x 15mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.16mm x 30mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.20mm x 30mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.20mm x 40mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.22mm x 13mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.22mm x 25mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.25mm x 25mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.25mm x 30mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.25mm x 40mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.25mm x 50mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.25mm x 75mm
$11.95 11.95
Tewa Coated - 0.30mm x 25mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.30mm x 40mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.30mm x 50mm
$10.95 10.95
Tewa Coated - 0.30mm x 75mm
$11.95 11.95
Tewa Coated - 0.35mm x 75mm
$11.95 11.95
Tewa Coated - 0.35mm x 100mm
$15.95 15.95

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Coated: Feature a micro-layer of bio-inert FDA-approved silicone which reduces friction on insertion, enabling practitioners to reach target depth AND minimize patient discomfort. 

TeWa acupuncture/dry-needling needles are composed of a traditional copper-wound loop handle along with a stainless steel shaft. The copper handle allows great conductivity for electro stimulation.

Safe-T Sleeve™
Every TeWa needle longer than 40mm comes packaged in a Safe-T-Sleeve™. The Safe-T-Sleeve™ is one of the latest innovations in needle delivery, offering increased comfort for the patient and a clean needle assurance.

How does the Safe-T Sleeve work?
Each acupuncture needle comes in a unique two-part tube comprised of a short guide sleeve fitted to the exterior of the longer insertion tube. This design allows the practitioner to insert the needle into the dermis, then remove the inner insertion tube and utilize the guide sleeve that remains in place to complete insertion to the correct depth - all without compromising the sterility of the needle shaft.

The Safe-T Sleeve is ideal for all types of needling requiring 1.5" needles or longer. Users will love it for specialty techniques like Motor Point Needling and Intra-Muscular Stimulation (IMS). The disposable Safe-T Sleeve can be used to replace metal needle injectors, thereby eliminating needle-injector sterilization concerns.