SanctBand Active Resistance Band


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SanctBand Active Band - Pink (Light)
13.65 $13.65
SanctBand Active Band - Amber (Medium)
14.75 $14.75
SanctBand Active Band - Purple (Heavy)
15.75 $15.75
SanctBand Active Band - Teal (Extra Heavy)
16.95 $16.95
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Over the years SanctBand has gained one of the best reputations worldwide as an eco-friendly producer of low protein and powder free latex resistive bands and tubing. Their products are now widely used by Canadian physiotherapists and in rehab centers. OrthoCanada is happy to introduce SanctBand Active a new product line designed for home healthcare and for clinicians that would like to provide resistive exercise products to their patients.

These active bands are known as resistance bands and are great for exercise use. The band measures 2.5m long by 15cm wide and can be used in a variety of ways such as strengthening certain muscle groups and help stretch muscles to increase the range of motion.  

What's Included: 
- One band of your choice
- One door anchor 

Available in 4 Resistances:
- Pink SanctBand Active Band: Light Resistance
- Amber SanctBand Active Band: Medium Resistance
- Purple SanctBand Active Band: Heavy Resistance
- Teal SanctBand Active Band: Extra Heavy Resistance 

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