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The Recovery Insert is the take-home version of our popular wall chart.

It's an essential report of findings handout, packed with significance—from the colors and the shape of each line to the patient visit frequency dots. Write on it. Annotate it. Circle the fork in the road at Decision Time. Use it to bring your report of findings to life. The Recovery Insert gives your reports more punch:

Shows the consequences of stopping care too soon
Provides a visual metaphor for predicting a relapse
Explains that value of care beyond symptom relief
Increases patient retention and follow through
Lays the groundwork for ongoing wellness care
The Squiggly Lines
Notice that in the lower left corner there are three recovery tracks as Relief Care begins. The upper path represents faster recovery. The bottom dips down to show that sometimes things temporarily worsen due to unresolved inflammation of a recent trauma. The middle track? Steady recovery as each visit builds on the visit before.

The Visit "Dots"
These are symbolic of visit frequency—not the number of visits that will be needed! Notice that in the earliest recovery stages, visits are much closer together than in the upper reaches of wellness care. When visit dots aren’t present, a relapse is probably just around the corner!

The Color Scheme
Most patients think in terms of two types of care: visits when they have obvious symptoms (Red). And visits when they are symptom-free and maintaining or advancing their health (Green). If you offer Corrective or Rehabilitative Care you’ll find those areas coded in Yellow. Check out our How Far Chart and How Far Report Insert that use a similar color coding.

Take Home Version of Our Chart
The Recovery Insert equips patients to recreate the explanation you gave in front of our Road to Recovery chart.

Recovery Report of Findings Insert
Pads of 50
8½" X 11"

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