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NekDoctor Adjustable Pillow, Queen Size
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Created for people who need cervical support from their sleeping pillow, the patented, adjustable, queen-sized Nekdoctor pillow allows the user to easily change support under their neck, from barely an inch if all the air is removed from the air bladder, to approximately 4” of height when fully inflated. Normally the air bladder is only partially inflated to provide 2”-3” of comfortable cervical support.

The visco-elastic moulded foam body of the Nekdoctor is more firm than a feather or fibre-filled pillow – comfortably firm as it responds & molds to your shape & weight. Washable, removable Sherpa cover.

OC-2094 Queen-sized Adjustable Nekdoctor
OC-2096 Nekdoctor Height Adjustor, 1”