Myo-Ther N-Zyme Laundry Aid


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Myo-Ther N-Zyme - 1 Litre
23.95 $23.95
Myo-Ther N-Zyme - 4 Litre
71.95 $71.95
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A Bacteriostatic enzymatic cleaner, the Myo-ther N-Zyme contains 3 enzymes to entirely break down and dissolve carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils. It can be used as a laundry spot pre-treatment in conjunction with your regular detergent or as a surface cleaner.

- Formulated from biodegradable materials and is not harmful to septic or sewer systems
- Contains surfactants to help lift dirt and debris
- Contains 3 enzymes to fully breakdown stains into carbon dioxide and water
- Helps to prevent microbial grown on items cleaned

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