MedSpec DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer (Coolflex)

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DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer - 12''-14'' Small (Coolflex)
99.95 $99.95
DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer - 14''-16'' Medium (Coolflex)
99.95 $99.95
DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer - 16''-18'' Large (Coolflex)
99.95 $99.95
DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer - 18''-20'' X-Large (Coolflex)
99.95 $99.95
DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer - 20''-22'' XX-Large (Coolflex)
99.95 $99.95
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The Medspec DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer with Hinges is one of the most popular knee supports specifically designed for patella femoral dysfunction with the added benefit of medial and lateral stabilization. The buttress is lined with SkinLoc and makes direct contact with the patella. The wraparound anterior closure is made for ease of application and optimum fit. It contains medial and lateral plastic hinges with removeable stays and a popliteal opening. CoolFlex material offers more breathability, less compression, and is hypoallergenic. 

Color: Black
Material: CoolFlex
Available Sizes: Small - XX-Large
Fits either left or right knee 

Treatment for the following conditions:
- Knee injuries
- Patella tracking issues
- Patella tendonitis
- Patella femoral dysfunction

How to measure: Measure around the center of your knee cap 

Size Chart:

Size Knee circumference (inches) 
Small 12" - 14"
Medium 14" - 16"
Large 16" - 18"
X-Large 18" - 20"
XX-Large 20" - 22"

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