Medspec ASO Evo Ankle Brace

Med Spec


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Medspec ASO Evo - Medium (12"-13")
$64.95 64.95
Medspec ASO Evo - Large (13"-14")
$64.95 64.95
Medspec ASO Evo - X-Large (14"-15")
$64.95 64.95
Medspec ASO Evo - Small (11"-12")
$64.95 64.95

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With its unique design, this EVO has an easy application; a stirrup strap to capture the heel, restricting inversion/eversion ankle motion; & a dynamic cuff to protect against high ankle sprain. Its nylon boot has enhanced breathablility for long-term wear. Stabilizing straps form a figure-eight to protect and support the ankle. Fits in most types of shoes. Bilateral design fits left or right foot.



-Ankle sprain
- Medial ankle pain
- Lateral ankle pain
- Chronic ankle instability


How to measure

Measure the circumference of the ankle around the heel and over the top of the foot.


Size Chart

Size Measurement in Inch
Small 11" - 12"
Medium 12" - 13"
Large13" - 14"
X-Large14" - 15"