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Disposable Protective Mask, 50/pk

Protect yourself and patients effectively with this disposable face mask consisting of 3 layers of protection:  2 layers of non-woven fabric and a layer of melt-blown filter to protect against dust, pollution and air born particles.  Filtration efficiency of 90%.  Light, soft, breathable and easy to apply.

Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.7”.

Additional Information:

PPE Certificate of Conformity (pdf)
Healh Canada Mask Norms (PDF)
How to Wear a Medical Mask Safely (Image)   

3-Ply Procedure Masks, 50/pk

These Level 1 FDA approved disposable masks offer ≥95 Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE), three-layers of protection in an eco-friendly well-fitting product. Providing protection against odors and dust, when used according to directions these masks protect users and have been tested according to international standards (EN 14683:2019). Manufactured with two layers of non-woven fabric around a layer of melt-blown fabric, these masks have an adjustable plastic clip to ensure proper fit. Single-use masks should be disposed after use or soiling. Not to be used in presence of high heat of flammable gases.

Additional Information:

Certificate of Compliance (pdf)
Mask Levels Explained (pdf)
How to Wear a Medical Mask Safely (Image) 

Medical Grade Procedure Mask - Level 2, 50/pk

Protect yourself and patients effectively with this disposable medical grade 3 ply face mask. Protects against dust, pollution, small particles and more importantly bacteria. Light, soft, breathable, and easy to apply. Complies with Canadian standards. Bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%. High level of infection protection.

Dimensions: 7.9 x 3.7”

This mask has successfully passed the following tests: 
- Bacterial Infiltration Efficiency Test
- Differential Pressure Test
- Synthetic Blood Penetration Test
- Microbial Cleanliness Test

Additional Information:

Medical Grade Mask - Test Results (PDF)
Healh Canada Mask Norms (PDF)
How to Wear a Medical Mask Safely (Image)
Mask Levels Explained (pdf)


Re-usable Multi Layered Cloth Face Masks, 5/pack

These reusable face masks provide nose & mouth coverage and protection from airborne pollution, dust, pollen & other particles. Easily stored in pockets or purses. Constructed with two layers of soft breathable fabric, allowing a snug fit to facial contours and secured with tie straps. Can be machine washed and dried repeated times, latex free, one size fits most adults. 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Not certified for medical use.

Additional Information: 

How to Wear a Medical Mask Safely (Image)