Fascia Buddy Cupping - Set of 4 Cups

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Fascia Buddy silicone cups are designed for static massage cupping techniques. The unique shape allows you to achieve a strong suction easily and safely without using hand pumps or fire. Soft silicone material is comfortable, and cups are easy to apply, move and remove.  

Each Set of 4 Cups Include:
- 1 Large ( 2.5” diameter) for shoulders, upper arms, back, hips, IT band, knees and legs
- 1 Medium ( 2” diameter) for shoulders, upper arms and forearms, back, hips, knees and legs
- 1 Small ( 1.5” diameter) for larger hands and feet, upper arms, forearms, elbows, back of the neck, top of the shoulder, knees, calves and shins
- 1 Extra small (1.2” diameter) for , forearms, elbows, back of the neck,feet, and small muscle group areas muscle group areas

Each set comes in zippered travel/storage bag with detailed instructions for home use.

Fasica Buddy Flyer (PDF)
Fascia Buddy 5 Minute Low Back, Hip, and IT Band Self Release (PDF)



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