Exercise Equipment

As a physiotherapy exercise equipment supplier we specialize in exercise equipment adapted for rehab strength and cardio exercise programs in rehab clinics, hospitals rehab gyms, seniors residences, all-inclusive gyms, and at home. Our knowlegeable staff of kinesiologists and physiotherapists is specialised in assisting rehab centers, physiotherapy clinics and patients make the best investment for their rehab equipment and gym. They can provide tips for choosing the right gym equipment for the right setting.

What is the best rehab cardio equipment? Choosing the right piece of rehabilitation exercise equipment differs from choosing regular fitness exercise equipment. Rehab programs often need to take into consideration factors such as low starting speed, accessibility and needs for disabled people, handles and grab bars strategically positionned to increase safety, raised iconography for the visually impaired, range limiting devices to accomodate people with limited range of motion, wheelchair accessibilty, hospital electrical safety code, and many more.

Increasingly, Canadians are adopting healthy lifestyles, exercise more and live longer. Seniors wellness centers and residences are choosing cardio & strenght exercise equipment that are effective at keeping their residents more fit, provide challenging workouts and help in the prevention of accidents. Rehabilitation exercise equipment such yoga mats, foot ergometers, stretchbands, dumbells, treadmills, crosstrainers, elliptical steppers, bikes, recumbent cycles, and Nustep exercise machines is now standard in most rehab cardiac programs. For more assistance call (800) 561-0310.