Small Exercise Products

We offer a wide range of small exercice equipment and rehab products for resistive exercise, strength training, balance and proprioception exercises, yoga, shoulder pulley exercise, hand therapy exerices, urban poling, exercise balls, and foam roller exercises. OrthoCanada carries the largest inventory of exercise bands and small rehab exercise products in Canada, including Sanctband, Theraband, Rep Band Latex Free Band, Cando Band, Airex mats, Fitter Boards, Gymnic Balls, Hand Putty and Saebo Hand Therapy Gloves.

Our selection of small fitness equipment for physiotherapy, athletic therapy, sports medicine and rehab has been selected by kinesiologists and physiotherapists. What is the most eco-friendly choice for exercise bands and tubing? See the green initiatives of Sanctband band manufacturer in Malaysia: 3 Ways... Green Initiative. Want tips on what are the best rehab exercise with bands and tubing? See: 5 Reasons to Choose Theraband Exercises.

Healthcare Professional Pricing

As professionals in the medical field, you are entitled to special pricing on our product selection. Simply log in to your account or register to view your special pricing.