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If you want more wellness patients, start talking about wellness and measuring wellness. Begin on the first visit by presenting a copy of the Wellness Wheel to your next new patient.

"We use the Wellness Wheel to measure your overall health in seven dimensions. This provides a baseline so you and I can see the impact of your chiropractic care."

Patients rate their subjective health from 1 to 10 in seven different areas on the wheel: physical, financial, family, social, career, spiritual and mental.

Repeat on the 12th visit or when you typically conduct your progress exam.

Then, at your report, discuss the changes that you observe in the wheel. Slow recovery? Uncover the stresses in their life. You may even want to support your observations with a copy of the Stress brochure.

Use the Wellness Wheel to help every patient see how chiropractic care improves their life, not just their spine!

Wellness Wheel Assessment Handout
8½" X 11"
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