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OrthoCanada offers many of the world leading rehab & physiotherapy industry brands in Canada. With over 3,000 physiotherapy products and clinic supplies curated by our staff of physiotherapists and kinesiologists, we carry one of the largest inventory of physical therapy products in North America.

OrthoCanada began in 1989 when physiotherapist Judith Stanfield started making lumbar rolls, cervical rolls and night rolls for her patients. These products are now made under the brand names Bakrol, Bakrest and Nekrol. In the late 90's OrthoCanada pioneered the development of a patented adjustable cervical orthopedic pillow, brand named the Neck Doctor Pillow. OrthoCanada is also developing products under the brand name MOBI, a line of mobilisation belts, parallel bars and pulley systems, Delta, a line of chiropractic equipment and supplies that includes back braces & belts, x-ray films and paper products.

OrthoCanada is the exclusive distributor and manufacturing representative in Canada for leading brands, including Nustep Inc, the manufacturer of the Nustep TR4 and TR5 crosstrainers; Seers Medical, a UK manufacturer of physiotherapy treatment tables and medical couches with distribution in over 50 countries worldwide; ITO Physiotherapy, a Japanese manufacturer that has been developing medical devices since 1905 and is now considered the oldest manufacturer of high quality electrotherapy in the world; Sanctuary Health, a Malaysian manufacturer of high quality rubber bands for the dental industry and the developer of Sanctband exercise bands, tubing and exercise balls; K-Tape by Biviax, the manufacturer of K-Tape products, K-Tape My Skin, K-Tape For Me and Crosstape in Germany, and also founder of the International K-Taping Academy at the University of Dortmund; BTL Physiotherapy, a privately owned European manufactuer with global reach, now considered the world leader for R&D of electrophysical agents and modalities for the physiotherapy and rehab industry.

Among others, OrthoCanada also inventories and represents several other leading physical therapy brands such as: Saebo Glove - maker of the rehabilitative glove for stroke survivors; DJO-Chattanooga, manufacturer of pionnering brands such as the Hydrocollator, Aircast Cryo-Cuff and Theratherm; 3PP, maker of the Buddy Loop and Oval-8 finger splints; SportsArt treadmills and bikes; Performance Health, the owner of leading industry brands like Biofreeze, TheraBand, Cramer Athletics and Bon Vital massage lotions; several privately owned brands of acupuncture needles such Seirin, DongBang, TeWa acupuncture needles and dry needling needles.